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In order to give you the best possible service, we ask that you please call to make an appointment when you need to meet with our Wedding Catering Managers.  Please contact Hannah Garner at (912) 268-5001, or Scarlett Starr at (912) 268-5010.

Menu Pricing

Due to the Resort’s commitment to providing the freshest products and ingredients for your event, pricing may vary due to market prices and variances. Prices cannot be confirmed more than six months prior to your function.
Pricing contained in the menus is based on a number of factors, including but not limited to: food costs, labor, market and industry standards, and as such, is non-negotiable. While we are happy to work with you on specialty and personalized menus, minimum per person pricing is as follows:
Breakfast: Plated $16++, Buffet $18++
Brunch $32++
Lunch: Plated: $18++, Buffet $26++
Dinner: Plated: $40++, Buffet $52++

Food and Beverage Minimums

The Food & Beverage minimum is the least amount of money that you are required to spend in a combination of food and beverage, and does not include service charge or tax. The food & beverage minimum is dependent on the event space, time of day, and date you select, as well as other factors. Please speak with your Catering Manager if you have any questions.

Food and Beverage

We strive to provide the very best in food quality and require all food and beverage be purchased solely through The King and Prince Beach Resort (excluding wedding cakes.) Your menu selection will be required at least three weeks prior to your event. Due to health code, food and beverage may not be removed from the function area under any circumstances.


The exact number of guests must be provided one week in advance of your event. If no guarantee is provided, the estimated attendance or the actual attendance, whichever is greater, will be used. The kitchen will prepare for 5% over the guaranteed number. Any additional food may be subject to a surcharge at the Resort’s discretion.

"Banquet Event Orders"

A banquet event order is defined as the exact details of your event as discussed with your wedding catering manager. Copies of the orders will be sent to you upon completion of planning your event. Please review the order carefully to ensure that all of your requests have been detailed. The banquet event orders must be signed, dated and returned to the hotel no later than one week prior to your function. You may make any changes directly on the form before remitting it to the Resort.


The Resort will require a 25% advanced deposit of the total estimated food and beverage.


All deposits are non-refundable. Please refer to your contract for details.

Event Supplies and Decorations, Banquet Room Access

Please deliver any event supplies that the Wedding Catering Staff has agreed to handle to the catering office no later than 3:00 p.m. on the day prior to your event. All decorations, floral and otherwise, and all personal belongings (cake knives, toasting flutes, guest books, etc.) must be removed from the banquet facility immediately following your event. The resort cannot store and will not be responsible for any items left behind.

Access to the banquet room is what is noted on your signed agreement. Based solely upon availability, additional setup time may be arranged for a fee.

Dressing Rooms

The hotel does not provide a dressing room for bridal parties or bands. Should arrangements need to be made for dressing, please contact the Reservations Department at (800) 342-0212 to reserve a hotel room.

Access to the room is what is noted on the agreement signed.  Based solely upon availability, additional setup time may be arranged for a fee.

Guest Amenities and Gift Bags/Baskets

All room deliveries incur a $3.00 per container delivery fee to guest rooms.  Please provide the front desk with the items to be delivered and a list of the guests to receive them.  The delivery fee will be charged to your master account.


The resort requires a week's notice to schedule a tasting. Tasting appointments are scheduled solely upon the availability of culinary and catering staff and must not interfere with the execution of events taking place at the resort.

Wedding Ceremony / Rehearsal Policy

If you are hosting a ceremony at the resort, we can make arrangements to have a rehearsal at no additional charge. This is based solely on availability and times and locations are subject to change. You may have to rehearse in an area other than the one selected for your event. Please contact the catering office one week prior to your ceremony to discuss the time and availability of your rehearsal.

Please note: The resort does not perform set up of chairs, tables, etc. for rehearsals. Wedding Catering Staff does not attend/oversee rehearsals. 

Guest Rooms

Upon request, the hotel will provide a group block of five guest rooms per night.  A minimum night stay is required on all weekends.  Your cut-off date for reservations is 45 days prior to your event.  Should guests call after the cut-off date, rooms and or rates will be based solely upon availability.

Please contact our Group Rooms Coordinator at 912-268-5007 to inquire about the availability of guest room blocks.  

Wedding Coordination/ Direction

The King and Prince does not provide wedding coordination or direction services for wedding ceremonies or receptions. Our role is to get you to the day of your wedding.  Your wedding coordinator should be able to handle all “day of” necessities.  Local wedding coordinator and director referrals may be found on the vendor referral list.

Miscellaneous Service Fees

Audio & Visual Policies

(14 days advance notice required)

- Rental prices are per room, per day / Minimum rental period if one (1) day, midnight to midnight.
- Rental equipment will be setup 30 minutes prior to start time unless client requests otherwise.

Any loss, damage, error, or malfunction of equipment must be reported immediately or no credit will be issued. If there is a problem, call as soon as possible / No credit will be issued for unused equipment.

Orders must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, or agreed upon charges will apply.

Audio/ Visual À La Carte Price List

  • Projectors
    LCD Projector $225.00
    LCD Projector with HDMI cord $250.00
  • Computers
    Laptop Computer $200.00
    Laser Pointer $40.00
    Wireless Clicker $30.00
  • TV / DVD / CD / VCR
    46” LED TV $350.00
    VCR (VHS format) / DVD Player / CD Player $50.00
    DVD/CD Player (requires sound system) $150.00
  • Podiums
    Podium Floor Lectern $35.00
    Podium Table Lectern $25.00
  • Screens
    Screen 4'x6' $50.00
    Screen 6'x10' $75.00
    Screen 10'x10' $125.00
  • Microphones
    Wireless (handheld or lavaliere, includes mixer) $150.00
    Microphone (corded) $40.00
    Podium - floor or table lectern - with microphone $75.00
  • Sound Equipment
    Sound System (includes speakers / mixer) $175.00
    Mixer (required with multiple microphones or additional sound requirements) $75.00
  • Meeting Aids
    Power Cord with Multi Strip $10.00
    White Board & Markers $40.00
    Flipchart & Markers $65.00
    Flags $20.00
    Cork Message Board with Easels $40.00
    A-Frame Easel $20.00
    AV Table with Power Cord $35.00
    iPhone/iPod/MP3 docking station $50.00
    Adaptor for Mac/iPod/iPad $35.00
    Exhibit Tables (30”X6’) $30.00
    Speakerphone (Includes access to phone line) $75.00
    Stage 4’X 8’ $25.00
    Stage 6’X 8’ $35.00


Audio & Video Packages

  • Package One
    LCD Projector Package $315.00
    (Includes Screen 6’X10’ / AV Table with Power)
  • Package Two
    46” LED TV with VCR or DVD $375.00
  • Package Three
    Sound System with Wireless Microphone $300.00
    (Includes Speakers / Mixer)
  • Package Four
    Digital Piano $350.00
    (Includes Speakers / Mixer / Music Stand)
  • Package Five
    AV Table with Power Cord and Screen 6’X10” $100.00


Please consult your catering manager regarding the program you are presenting as additional equipment/fees may be required.

Butler Fee

  • Tray-Passed Hors d’oeuvres
  • Per Guest $3.00


Chair Covers

  • Per Chair $6.00
  • Per Chair with Tie Back $7.50


Shipping expenses will be billed to client
*Specialty fabrics may increase rental rates

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