What to Pack for the Beach

Get our staff picks for beach must-haves! The King and Prince Resort, St. Simons Island, Georgia.


Beach Checklist: Don’t Forget These 12 Beach Must-Haves!

Here at The King and Prince, our staff doesn’t just work at the beach; we play at the beach too! Whether you’re heading to the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Great Lakes or anywhere in between, there’s nothing better than some summer fun at your favorite sandy retreat. But before you slip on those flip-flops and pack up the car, read over our staff picks for must-haves for the perfect day at the beach!

  1. Swimsuit – Possibly the most essential piece in your beach bag. Consider packing two so you’ll always have a dry one.

  3. Sunglasses and Hat – Keep that hot summer sun off of your neck and out of your eyes. This classic combination helps prevent sunburn and keeps you from squinting.

  5. Beach Towel – Lounge seaside, dry off or mark your spot on the beach with a bright and cozy beach towel. Also, consider a beach chair or blanket for maximum comfort while relaxing by the sea. The King and Prince Resort offers lounge chairs on the pool deck for guests, or stop by Barry’s Beach Rentals in front of the resort for chairs and umbrella rentals!

  7. Cover-up – Ideal for when you’ve had enough sun or for when you’re ready to get off the beach and grab some delicious grub.

  9. Beach Toys – On the beach, sandcastles seem to be just as iconic as the sand they’re made of. Participate in this fun pastime by bringing along buckets, shovels and sand castle molds. Some of our other favorite ocean-front toys include kites, Frisbees, and beach balls! 

  11. Water Toys – Beach toys are for fun in the sand and water toys are for fun in the surf. Remember to bring rafts, flotation devices, and boogie boards to make your ocean visit a splash!

  13. Snorkel and Fins – Get up close and personal with the ocean and its creatures by strapping on a snorkel and a pair of fins. 

  15. Camera – Don’t forget to capture all of the fond memories with your camera. Try a waterproof disposable camera capable of standing up to the sand and salt water. Disposable cameras are also a ton of fun for kids! If you’re bringing your digital camera or phone, don’t forget your charger!

  17. Sunscreen and Aloe Vera – Sunscreen may be just as essential as your swimsuit when headed to the beach. Bring a high quality sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher to best protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Sunscreen can fail, however, so be prepared with aloe vera for those summer sunburns. 

  19. Mesh Bag – An often overlooked tool, the mesh bag can be used to gather messy beach toys and dirty towels so they can be easily gathered before returning to the car or hotel room. 

  21. Warm Clothes – The ocean breeze can get chilly at night so consider packing some warmer essentials such as jeans or a light jacket.

  23. Addresses for Postcards – Though many of us nowadays rely on email and text messaging, it can be fun both to send and receive mail. Pick up some fun (or cheesy!) postcards at a gift shop and surprise friends and family with a little ‘wish-you-were-here.’


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