Car Travel Games for Kids

10 Car Travel Games for Kids


Traveling with kids this summer? Make car rides more enjoyable by being prepared with toys, books, snacks, and some fun games to keep everyone occupied!


  1. Alphabet Game – Each person watches out the window for objects that start with each letter of the alphabet beginning with A and going through the alphabet in order. The first person to Z or whoever gets furthest through the alphabet in a certain time frame wins.

  3. License Plate Game – Print maps of the United States and bring crayons for everyone. As you see license plates from different states, color in the corresponding state. The person with the most states colored in wins! Print an unlabeled map for kids learning their states, and quiz them on capitals as you go!

  5. I Spy – A tried and true game to keep everyone busy! Take turns finding an object (inside or outside of the car) and giving a clue such as, “I spy something red.” Each person takes turns guessing what it is. If it’s outside the car, they’d better be quick guessers!

  7. Twenty Questions – A great game to get kids thinking out of the box. One person is the “answerer” and chooses an object (but don’t tell anyone)! Everyone else takes turns asking questions that can be answered with a “yes” or “no” to help them guess what the object is. The person who guesses correctly gets to be the answerer in the next round.

  9. Memory Game – Take turns thinking of something that starts with each letter of the alphabet usually within a theme such as animals or food items. Each person has to recite what everyone said before him/her, for example: “A is for apple, B is for banana…” and so on throughout the alphabet until the final person is reciting the entire alphabet and coming up with an answer for the letter Z!

  11. Simons Says – This is a great game for younger kids. Think of things that are easy to do from a car seat like “Touch your nose” or “Moo like a cow.” This is a fun way to practice identifying body parts and animal noises for little ones!

  13. Colorforms – Buy them for kids to stick on the windows. You can try traditional Colorforms (choose the shape set for toddlers learning to identify shapes) or the fun pockets that include travel-friendly play boards in different themes.

  15. Scavenger Hunt – Make a list of things to watch for before leaving on the trip (a bridge, a fire truck, cows, etc.), and have each person check the items off their list as they see them. You can also get these awesome free printables that have common objects already on them – kids can just circle them as they go!

  17. Map Your Route – Let kids follow a map to your destination, and talk about places along the way. For younger kids, draw a map before beginning the car ride (or let them draw one!) that includes simple landmarks that you will pass along your route.

  19. Virtual Hide and Seek – It’s kind of hard to hide when you are buckled up, but not if you use your imagination! Each person takes turns “hiding” somewhere in your house by thinking of a great hiding spot. Get creative and think of places where you can’t ordinarily fit (like inside your sock drawer), and everyone else takes turns guessing where you are hiding!