What is St. Simons Island?

Describing St. Simons Island Georgia

Conveying the beauty and charm of St. Simons Island through words can be challenging. (That’s why we have photo galleries here and here. Oh and here and here too!) So we turned to the people who know and love the island for inspiration: our fans!

Check out the word cloud above (click on the image to enlarge) for the results of our Facebook question, “Finish the sentence: "If I had to pick one word to describe St. Simons Island it would be __________." We received nearly 300 responses in less than two days! See if you can find your word – the larger the word in the graphic, the more often it was used – so you can tell if others submitted the same word.

We are so proud of our little island paradise, here are just a few of our favorite recent comments about St. Simons Island from the pros:

Voted #1 in “America's Favorite Beach Towns,” Travel + Leisure said this about St. Simons Island, “Lined with white sand and live oaks, the biggest of Georgia’s Golden Isles won the beach-town contest for offering a triple threat of southern charm, serenity, and affordability.” (May 2014)

Voted #1 in “Most Romantic Towns,” Travel + Leisure said this about the island, “…this southern-style beach town has both white sands and live oaks, and was a hit with readers in romance-friendly categories such as picnicking and charming cafés.” (January 2014)

If you still aren't convinced that this peaceful, relaxing, magical paradise (to choose a few of our fans favorite words!) is perfect for your next getaway, check out all the activities the island has to offer!

See you soon!