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Menu Preparation

To ensure every detail is handled in a professional manner, the King and Prince Resort requires your menu selection and specific needs be finalized at least three weeks prior to your function. At that point you will receive a copy of your event orders on which you may make additions and deletions and return it to us with your confirming signature.

Gourmet, special dietary and theme menus are available upon request.

All sit-down menus are limited to no more than two entrée selections. Should you choose to serve two entrée selections, both entrées are the price of the higher priced entrée. Should there be an exception for three plated entrées, an additional surcharge will be added.


The King and Prince Resort requires a final guarantee of attendance be specified and communicated to The Resort by at least 12 noon 72 working business hours (Monday-Friday) prior to the function. This will be considered the final guarantee for billing purposes, and is not subject to reduction. You will be charged for the guarantee or the actual number attending, whichever is greater. The Resort will set and prepare for 5% over the guarantee number. If the final guarantee is not given by the specified time, The Resort will prepare and charge for the estimated number of persons indicated on the Banquet Event Order. Should the number attending exceed your guarantee by over 10%, those guests will be charged at one and one-half times the original menu price.

Food and Beverage

No Food or Beverage of any kind will be permitted to be brought into or taken out of The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort. The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort reserves the right to remove Foodand Beverage brought into the facility in violation of this policy. As a licensee, The King and Prince Resort is required to abide by the laws of The State of Georgia and local county ordinances. It is our policy that no alcoholic beverages are brought onto the premises for catered functions. As a licensee, we encourage our patrons to drink responsibly. Sunday sales ofalcoholic beverages are permitted; however, restrictions do apply. Consult with the Director of Catering regarding policies.

Banquet and Meeting Rooms

Other groups may be utilizing the same room prior to or following your function. Guests will be admitted to the banquet room and expected to depart at the times stated on the Banquet Event Order. Should a change from the original set up be requested on the day of the function, a labor charge will be assessed. The Resort reserves the right to move functions to other meeting/banquet rooms other than those appearing on the Banquet Event Order without prior notification. Room Rental fees will be charged for all banquet rooms.

Outdoor Functions

In the event of a thirty percent (30%) or more inclement weather forecast, The Resort reserves the right to decide four hours prior to the event to relocate the function to the indoor back-up facility. A $3.00 per guest set-up fee will be assessed for all outdoor events.


Fresh floral arrangements and theme decorations can be ordered for you through our Catering Department. The King and Prince Resort will not permit the affixing of anything to the walls, floors or ceilings of our banquet rooms with nails, staples, tape or any other substance without prior approval. The customer is responsible and shall reimburse The Resort for any damage, loss or liability incurred by The Resort by any of the customer’s guests or any persons or organizations contracted by the customer to provide any service or good before, during and after function.


The Resort may request that the customer obtain and pay for bonded security personnel when valuable merchandise or exhibits are displayed or held overnight in The Resort. The Resort is not responsible for damage to or loss of any items left in The Resort prior to or following any functions. The Resort makes no warranties or representations to the customer other than those printed hereon.

Conference Materials

The customer is responsible for the arrangements and all expenses of shipping materials, merchandise, exhibits or any other items to and from The Resort. The Resort must be notifi ed in advance of shipping arrangements to insure proper acceptance of these items upon arrival at The Resort. If you have exhibitors, please ask the Catering Director for the “Exhibit Policy”.

Exhibit Tables

A charge per exhibit table is assessed to the group for the use of tables during group functions. The charge will be in place on a per day basis per exhibit table. The group will also be charged for any audio/visual or conference needs they may request.

Service Charge and Tax

All catering functions are subject to a 22% service charge and applicable state sales taxes. By state law, sales tax is added to the total cost of the function. Printed menu pricing is subject to change without notice. All prices and product availability are subject to change without notice.

Audio Visual and Conference Services

All audio visual equipment must be supplied by the King and Prince Resort. Exceptions will be made for specialty or computer equipment. AV added the day of meeting will be charged at one and one-half times the listed price. A technician fee will be assessed for the handling of AV equipment not provided by King and Prince. AV Technicians are contracted with a four hour minimum at $90.00 per hour.

Flipchart & Markers $65.00
Flags (U.S. or GA State) $20.00
White Board & Markers $35.00
Cork Message Board with Easel $35.00
Laser Pointer $40.00
A-frame Easel (one complimentary) $15.00
Floor or Table Lectern (one complimentary) with Microphone $35.00
Sound System $150.00
A.V. Stand with Power Strip $25.00
Wireless Slide Projector Remote $30.00
Wireless Mouse $50.00
Speakerphone Includes access to Phone Line $50.00
35mm Slide Projector (includes Projector, Projector Stand, Screen and Standard Remote Control) $100.00
High Intensity Overhead (includes Projector, Projector Stand, and Screen) $100.00
LCD Projector with Screen $400.00
Wireless Antenna $125.00
Laptop Computer $200.00
VCR (VHS format) with 27” Monitor $150.00
VCR (VHS format) with 35” Monitor $200.00
27” Monitor $125.00
35” Monitor $175.00
VCR (VHS format) $50.00
DVD Players $75.00
Wireless (Hand-held, Head-set, or Lavaliere) $125.00
Table Microphone $35.00
Lectern Microphone $35.00
Standard Meeting Room Screen $50.00
*special oversized screens available at additional cost
Static IP (per day charge) $200.00
8 Port Ethernet (per day charge) $150.00
High Speed Internet Access Wired (per day charge, per line) $125.00
Dial Up Internet Connection $25.00
Cassette Player $200.00
(requires a Mixer and Sound System)
CD Player $200.00
(requires a Mixer and Sound System)
Mixer $50.00
(required with multiple microphones or additional sound requirements)
Digital Piano $300.00
Please ask about other Audio Visual equipment available.
Exhibit Table charges: $25 per day per
30” x 6’ exhibit table.


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