Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

Keeping our “Footprints” in the Sand by Going Green

The Historic Hotels of America is a program from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  The Trust has a sustainability initiative which focuses on the importance of reusing existing buildings.  As a Historic Hotel of America, The King and Prince is a part of this initiative.  The King and Prince Resort has their own “Going Green” programs to further these efforts.

The Resort has taken the following actions:

  • Two Tesla charging stations for guest use
  • Eco-friendly disposal of fluorescent light bulbs
  • Cloth hand towels provided in public restrooms to reduce paper waste
  • Donation of discarded linens to local charities
  • Implementation of towel and linen re-use program in our guest rooms
  • Implementation of microfiber cleaning system
  • Membership in the Clean the World Program
  • Utilization of low-flow shower heads and toilets 

The Clean the World Program recycles and distributes soap to children around the world suffering from diseases that could be prevented by hand washing.  It also eliminates unnecessary waste filling up our land fills.  From May-July of this year, The King and Prince donated 270.4 pounds of soap.  This is equal to 2884 bars of soap, which provided soap for 289 children for one month.

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