St. Simons Island Art Classes and Galleries

Painting by Peggy Buchan 

Art has been an important part of our island history since the 1800s, and if you visit the island today, you will find yourself surrounded by it. Not only will the vistas and stillness of the island inspire you, but you can also explore art galleries and art workshops that will bring out the painter – or photographer or potter or jewelry maker – in you! Art is a meaningful part of our island’s unique culture, and it permeates just about every nook and cranny of picturesque St. Simons. The laid-back, friendly atmosphere, as well as the true beauty and serenity of the island, draws artists of all skill levels wishing to experience our Southern charm and to be inspired by it. We wish to welcome you to be a part of this vibrant art community.

While visiting, check out Glynn Visual Arts, a marvelous studio and gallery that invites students of all levels to come and explore the arts. They offer many painting classes, from basic techniques to advanced medium methods, some of which offer opportunities to try your hand at painting the lovely Golden Isles. While you’re visiting us, feel free to take a series of classes, or perhaps just drop by for a single class on a day you feel particularly inspired.

Around the island, there are some breathtaking vistas and cultural locations begging to be captured on the canvas or on film. If you want to capture the beauty of the ocean, we suggest making your way to Massengale Park where you can access a more secluded section of the popular East Beach, or feel free to set up shop on St. Simons Beach where you can catch more of the action. Some other exciting landmarks sure to inspire you are the St. Simons Island Lighthouse or Gascoigne Bluff, which is stippled with ancient trees and has access to a beautiful part of the river.

You don’t have to be a painter to experience the magic of the island. Here, there is something for everyone. Glynn Visual Arts offers a wide array of classes in other mediums aside from painting. They include courses in pottery, photography, art history, and a wide variety of jewelry making techniques. Also, check out their exciting and ever changing list of workshops designed for every skill level and discipline.

Get Your Muse On is another art studio located on St. Simons Island that offers several types of instruction from workshops and retreats to paint and play parties to art classes designed for all skill levels. They're ideal for grabbing a bottle of wine, a few friends, and whipping up a masterpiece to bring home with you. If paint-your-own-pottery is more your style or you have the kids in tow, visit The Tinted Tide, located in Redfern Village on St. Simons Island, or Color Me Happy pottery, a family owned studio in Brunswick where everyone can be an artist!

St. Simons Island also boasts a broad and exciting variety of art festivals and galleries perfect for the art connoisseur and casual fan alike. Stop by Anderson Fine Art Gallery and Left Bank Art Gallery for some of the best original works the island has to offer.

Whether you are visiting us for a week or for the whole summer, there are endless ways to get involved in the timeless and evocative art scene present on St. Simons Island and the surrounding area. We want you to be inspired by the beautiful scenery and tranquil lifestyle, and perhaps even take a little bit of that beauty home with you.

For more information about art classes at The King and Prince and island events, stay up to date with us through our calendar, or visit us on Facebook.