Travel Tips


Here at The King and Prince, we want your vacation to be everything you dreamed of! Use the resources below to prep for your trip and plan your stay on St. Simons Island. Have more questions about St. Simons Island? From weather and tide info to restaurant recommendations and staff picks for favorite on the island, we're here to help! Message us on Facebook with your questions (@kingandprince), find us on Instagram, or call our Resort Host (912-638-3631 ext. 5109).


Travel Advice

Beach Checklist - Advice from beach experts - our staff! - on what to bring to the beach.

Travel Games for Kids - Whether traveling to The King and Prince Resort by air or by car, these fun game ideas will keep kids (and adults!) entertained.

Traveling with Pets - We have recently added additional dog-friendly accommodations and have tips for traveling with your pet!

What Makes St. Simons Island Dog-Friendly? - From our beaches to many of the local restaurants, St. Simons Island is truly dog-friendly!

Around the Island

Choosing a Beach Villa - Our villas have all of the comforts of home, right on the ocean! From lots of space to all of the amenities of the resort, our villas are a great option for families!

A Winter Vacation on St. Simons Island - When people think of a beach vacation, summer is usually the first thing to come to mind. But did you know that our island was named one of America's 10 Best Winter Beach Retreats by Yahoo! Travel? Here's why we think St. Simons Island is the ultimate winter destination!

Describing St. Simons Island - Conveying the beauty and charm of St. Simons Island through words can be challenging, so we turned to the people who know and love the island for inspiration: our fans! Take a look at the results of our Facebook poll!

St. Simons Island Activities - Like to plan your activities in advance? Check out our extensive list of things to do around the island!

St. Simons Island Restaurants - Our little island has over 50 restaurants, from "dives" to fine dining featuring local ingredients, fresh seafood, and classic Southern dishes. ECHO here at the resort prides itself on featuring local food, artisanal ingredients, and Southern food with a twist! 

St. Simons Art Galleries and Classes - Art is a meaningful part of our island’s unique culture and the area has an abundance of art galleries, classes, and workshops to satisfy your creativity, no matter what your skill level!