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Santa Arrives on St. Simons Island

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Santa Arrives on St. Simons Island

Start Time:5:00 PM
End Time:10:00 PM
City:St. Simons Island
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Description:Every year, volunteers with the Glynn County Fire Department and the Saint Simons Island Civinettes have brought a wonderful Christmas Tradition to St. Simons Island. For 78 years Santa has visited children on St Simons Island on Christmas Eve. He arrives on an old red fire engine, sits and talks with each child and gives him/her a stocking filled with goodies.

On Christmas Eve, Beginning around 5:00 p.m., you'll begin to hear the sirens and the excitement starts to build as Santa makes an annual Christmas Eve tour on the an antique red fire truck decorated with Christmas lights and accompanied by an impressive escort of fire engines, motorcycles, and other vehicles as well as plenty of elves. 

Adults and children line the streets or make their way to selected stops on the island with great anticipation to take their turns on his lap to whisper a last minute Christmas wish and to receive a stocking from Santa. The night is special not only for the kids who can’t wait to see Santa, but for adults who are excited to pass on this tradition that they also experienced as a child and have their own memories of their families’ participation.

The route primarily takes Santa along Demere Road, Mallory Street and Frederica Roads with stops at the following locations;
1. St. Simons Casino, Postell Park (approximately 5:00 pm.)
2. Parking lot at Shops at Demere
3. Shops at Frederca Oaks (in front of Glynn Haven)
4. First African Baptist Church on Frederica Road

1. ONLY the Casino has a starting time. The times at all stops depends on the number of children being seen at the previous stops. 
2. Please exercise caution as the procession approaches and departs each stop.
3. The Saint Simons Civinettes, the non-profit group who has been organizing Santa’s visit, relies on generous donation from individuals and local businesses to ensure that each child gets a stocking. 
4. Santa’s reindeer and sleigh are kept at an undisclosed and secure location during the visit.
5. Santa will make the tour, neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow will prevent the event.
6. LASTLY, and sad to even mention. This TRADITION is intended as a fun, FAMILY event. Parents need to be be sure that EVERYONE is respectful and polite at all locations.