The Siren Sour Recipe

St Simons Island Winning Cocktail Recipes


Ayron, a bartender at ECHO, created this cocktail for people who don't like bourbon. Needless to say, her drink not only won over several non-bourbon drinkers, it also won the 2nd Coastal Stir Cocktail Challenge at The St Simons Island Food + Spirits Festival. In our version, Ayron used Four Roses Bourbon, but you can use whatever you prefer. Whether bourbon is an old favorite or new to you, we hope you try it because we want to know what you think! Pro Tip: if you pop by ECHO, just maybe you can get Ayron to make you one herself!

The Siren Sour Ingredients

    •   1.5 oz. Bourbon
    •   1.5 oz. Rosemary Sage Simple Syrup
    •   1.5 oz. Sweet and Sour Mix
    •   Splash of Orange Juice
    •   Merlot to top
    •   Sage leaf (for garnish)

Shake bourbon, syrup, and sweet and sour mix then strain over ice. Top with orange juice and Merlot. Garnish with a sage leaf. Enjoy!